South American Silica Corp.

South American Silica Corp. is a private Canadian company focused on identifying and putting frac sand resources in southern South America into production to capitalize on the region’s forecast shale oil and gas boom.  We have established a strong entry point with our Carina Property in Chubut Province, Argentina, which is advancing towards near-term production.  The frac sand potential at Carina is within trucking distance of the giant Vaca Muerta basin in Neuquen Province, Argentina – estimated to contain the world’s third largest shale gas resource and its fourth largest shale oil resource (EIA). (Map of Carina Location Near Shale Basins)


With almost all of Argentina’s frac sand supply currently imported from Brazil, the USA and China, there is a large emerging market for domestic supply as an essential commodity in the extraction of oil and gas from the Vaca Muerta.  Frac sand consists of small quartz beads that are pumped down production wells to hold open induced fractures so that oil and gas can seep out of the rock over an extended period of time.  South American Silica intends to position itself as a leading supplier as the frac sand industry develops in the southern South American region.


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